About us

PAK Engineering Corporation is an Engineering and Consultancy Services Company made up of experts in the Oil & Gas Industry. We offer professional services in all aspects of Petroleum Engineering to a wide range of clients including owners, associates, project managers and many others. Our experts have established a reputation of excellence on many projects.

We have consulting experts working in geological interpretations, drilling engineering, well completions optimization & nodal analysis, reservoir engineering, production engineering, economics, project management, database & software development and Man-Power Training & Development in the Oil & Gas Industry. They combine their technical and business education with decades of engineering experience to maximize value to our clients.

We provide Consultancy services in the following areas.


  • Geological Interpretation
  • Drilling Engineering
  • Well Completions Optimization
  • Reservoir Engineering
  • Production Engineering
  • Economics
  • Stimulation
  • Data Base and Software
  • Man-Power Training & Development

Man-Power Training & Development

Pak Engineering Corporation in equally engaged in Man-power Training & Development of personnel for both the Upstream and Downstream sectors of the industry. The training and development provide a window to acquire technological skills, train personnel on operations, and introduces them to technological advances in Oil & Gas and related industries and agencies. Pak Engineering brings technical and non-technical expertise, cutting edge innovation and professionalism to the industry and other related areas anywhere in the world.

Why you should visit us At PAK Engineering.

  • Our Professionals will provide you with the relevant Training.
  • We Deliver Ontime on Customized Topics
  • We Organize Training globally through our Professional Employees and we give relevant training Materials
PAK Engineering Corporation provides training in various Petroleum Engineering courses there by helping clients improve their educational competency and as an introduction to new theoretical and practical concepts. The following courses are offered.

·        Customized Professional oil  &gas  Training

·        Drilling Engineering Fundamentals

·        Well Completion and Workover Operations            

·        Production Engineering   

·        Surface Production Facilities                    

·        Reservoir Engineering Fundamentals

·        Reservoir Modeling and Simulation                

·        Reservoir Fluids Properties

·        Reservoir Well Testing

·        Production Optimization Principles

·        Reservoir Management and Production Strategy

·        Petroleum Analysis/Decision Making                     

·        Gas Lift Design and Optimization         

·    Computer Applications to Petroleum Engineering

·       Information Technology